About Knoxville Labrador Rescue 

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Knox Lab Rescue - Specific Objectives and Purposes.

The specific objectives and purposes of this organization is to rescue and rehabilitate homeless and/or unwanted dogs, providing basic socialization and training so they can become cherished members of human society.  
We save many dogs from euthanasia and match them with more suitable homes than the one they were originally given, ensuring a greater chance of success that the dog will be a cherished part of a loving family. We redirect select dogs possessing qualities required of Service Dog Organizations to trainers in those said organizations to be evaluated for entry into a service dog program.

We provide safe, temporary housing for dogs we take in, by placing them in volunteer foster homes, until permanent arrangements can be made. During the temporary housing period dogs are vetted to ensure their vaccinations are current, they are spayed or neutered, evaluate their medical needs, and to determine their personality traits. 

Our Board of Directors and volunteers include people with many years of experience with the Labrador breed in different capacities, from training in dog sports such as obedience, hunting and agility, to dog behavior and service dog training.

Owners who are forced to make the difficult decision to relinquish their dogs due to death,divorce,or financial downturn, know that Knox Lab Rescue has the experience, knowledge and expertise to make the best possible placement for their dog.   



From Rescue Dog To Detection Dog



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