Foster To Adopt


Sometimes fosters fall in love with their foster dogs & decide they would like to officially adopt them. If no one has already applied & been approved for that dog, then by all means the foster can adopt. That foster would do the same adoption agreement & adoption fee that approved adopters do. They do not need to fill out an adoption application for the dog. But if someone is approved for that dog, and/or has an appointment to meet that foster dog, that adopter still gets 1st option, & that foster will go on the adopter waiting list just like any other adopter would.

The reason for this is that often an approved adopter has seen a dog rescued on our page for several weeks prior, put an app in for that particular dog, been approved & has waited several weeks for the dog to come into our rescue & get an appointment to meet that dog. That person will then be first in line. Other apps come in & will get put on a waiting list; Even if it's your neighbor or your brother, or possibly yourself. Of course if you are very attached to your foster dog, we will do our best to try to guide an adopter to another dog, but we cannot let an adopter think they are first on the list to meet a dog, wait for him or her to arrive, then suddenly tell them the dog is no longer available. That may sound harsh, but the “foster fail” idea happens frequently enough that if we let that happen every time, we would have a LOT of very disgruntled adopters, who may end up being told their first, second, AND third choice dogs are no longer available for various reasons. We are a rescue, but bottom line is we are also a business that must stay afloat by keeping its “customers” happy, & keeping up a good reputation – IN ORDER TO SAVE MORE DOGS. That is our ultimate goal.

If you are seriously interested in adopting a foster dog you may foster in the near future or are currently fostering, let the Adoption Coordination team know right away. Also, it is YOUR responsibility to keep an eye on the FB page & see the newly rescued dogs. If you notify us right away, before we promote the dog, we are VERY happy to not promote the dog publicly, and to send that dog to you as a foster, & then you can have the 7 day waiting period to decide whether you want to adopt the dog or not, just as any foster to adopt would work. But again, if an approved adopter speaks first for that dog, or another foster who wants to foster to adopt, then you would go on the waiting list.