Labs Needing Fosters 


Knox Lab Rescue is contacted by shelters who ask us to help rescue Labradors who have little time left. We are also contacted by owners on a weekly basis. These owners want to surrender their labs to us for a variety of reasons, such as death, divorce, serious health issues, loss of income, loss of home, moving, allergies, works long hours and their Lab stays in a crate all day and night, etc. These owners want to find their new lab another home, they do not want their Lab going to a shelter where they do not know if their Lab will find a forever family or be euthanized for overcrowding. Most house dogs are scared and worried when put into a shelter after living in a quiet family atmosphere. We want to help these Labs, but we can only help owner surrendered Labs if we have foster homes available. 

We cannot rescue without foster homes. 

With your help, we can truly save more Labs!


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