Surrendering YOUR LAB



If you have found a Labrador Retriever, please consult with local animal control officials regarding stray dog ownership determination proceedings. Knox Lab Rescue cannot take in stray dogs. We do not have a shelter facility, we work through foster homes. All Labradors will go straight into their foster home where they will stay until they are vetted and adopted. If your Lab is not spayed or neutered, on heart worm prevention, or up to date on all vaccinations, we ask for a $50.00 donation to help us pay for all of your Labs necssary vetting prior to adoption. We cannot take Labradors that show any type of agression towards people or other dogs. Our foster families may have children and other pets in their home, and can only take in Labradors who express kind and loving temperaments.   

dog intake form

If you would like to relinquish your Labrador Retriever to Knox Lab Rescue, please fill out the intake form and email us a photo of your Labrador Retriever to, and a volunteer will contact you within 48 hours. Thank you!